Rich history

Have you ever been to a Dutch city where you are spoilt for choice? Whether you like shopping, going out, walking or cycling, big attractions or other activities (punt). Arnhem has a great deal to offer to make your stay an unforgettable experience! Arnhem is the fifth largest shopping town in the Netherlands and it lives up to its name. The attractive atmosphere makes it an enjoyable place to go shopping, both in the main shopping streets and in the attractive alleyways, where the smaller shops will be a pleasant surprise. After your shopping spree the enjoyable entertainment district in Arnhem, “De Korenmarkt” (the old Corn Market), is the place to be for a drink. For a night of culture you can choose the charm of a small theatre such as the “Posttheater” or the style of a cultural shrine such as “De Stadsschouwburg”.


Nature lovers will not be disappointed as the parks in Arnhem are within 5 minutes walking distance of the city centre. Meinerswijk wildlife area (city centre) is also within easy reach. Monumental “Sonsbeek Park” and “Zypendaal Park” are particularly exceptional. In the latter you will find Zypendaal castle. Why not go on a guided tour? In the surrounding area, where numerous cycle, foot, roller blade and bridle paths have been marked out, woods, heath, rivers, orchards and sand drifts alternate with each other. Of course there is also the national park “Hoge Veluwe” with all the different landscapes. A must see!

Art and culture

The “Museum voor Moderne Kunst” (Modern Art Museum) not only displays art. but its statue garden offers the visitors a splendid view of the Rhine. The “Historisch Museum” in the city centre will give you an idea of the development of Arnhem and its surrounding area. In the national park “De Hoge Veluwe” you will find the world famous Kröller-Müller art Museum. This museum hosts one of the largest collections of paintings of Vincent van Gogh.

Making a nice day trip

Should you wake up with the wish to go on a world trip you need not travel far – Burgers’ Zoo has a tropical rain forest, right next to the jungle, desert and ocean. If you are more interested in time travel, you should visit the Dutch Open-air Museum. Here you will imagine yourself in Holland as it used to be. Particularly the new attraction “HollandRama” is a unique experience. Arnhem is the only city in the Netherlands where you will see electrical trolley buses. These will take you to all attractions and places of interest.

You are probably aware of the fact that Arnhem knew turbulent times during the Second World War. The Rijnbrug (Rhine Bridge) was the centre point during the battle for Arnhem in 1944 (“A Bridge Too Far”). There is still a great number of places where the traces of this batte can be found and which remind us till today, of this period. More information about Arnhem; Arnhem Insideoout

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